It's a group photo, say cheese!

This is Yurit, or at least Riot and UofR are Yurit.

The Yurit are a race of aliens from outside our galaxy.  UofR and Riot are Yurit, Mortie and Muster are also aliens, but they’re not Yurit.  Wyatt and Daphne are ordinary humans, and the Puddles aren’t even real.

Why the representatives of the Yurit (if it’s even right to call UofR and Riot representative’s – they aren’t necessarily on the payroll of any governing agency) have come to Earth is unclear.  But it’s certainly caused a lot of trouble for TAG!

But what we do know is that strange incidents and paranormal activities have spiked since the Yurit arrived, which makes it TAGS! job to deal with this situation and it’ll probably be a sticky one.

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4 Responses to YURIT

  1. doodlehoose says:

    The situations with the asparagus things are especially sticky.

  2. Lori says:

    Loving your character development!!!!

  3. meg says:

    eek! fearsome foes indeed

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