Earth's mightiest heroes pose for a snapshot

Hulk Pose

Avengers was great. I really enjoyed it. I hope that the sequals and spinoffs live up to the fun of the first one and this is my snapshot of Hulk asking for an Avengers 2.

Black and White is all right

Color Me Heroic


This week’s post is a great example of success mingling with failure. I like the piece as a whole, but wasn’t able to achieve what I wanted. I feel like the inking could be stronger and I wanted to color it on the computer, but didn’t have time so I printed it and used markers, colored pencils and crayons with less success than I would hope for. I included the black and white so that if you want to print it and do a better job coloring it you can.

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One Response to Avengers

  1. doodlehoose says:

    I forgot the Maroon in Hawkeye’s uniform. How bland of me!

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