Three Eyes to the Wind

Alien Bender

3 Eyes 2 the Wind

I wanted to give this a better color, or more precisely I wanted to color this even a little, but ran out of time.

This is an alien that’s had one too many of those canisters, which contain a mild hallucinogen and something similar to Earth alcohol.

What I wanted to convey here is a sort of stumbling drunk.  I wanted the character to appear old, but not too old… because he’s still got plenty of fight left in him.

You’ll see that he’s sorta built, but that his one arm is shriveled.  This was the result of a childhood injury, like Jem Finch but you know an alien.  He’s spent his entire life feeling a bit self conscious and that’s why he’s always so eager for a fight.

Basically if you see this dude stumbling towards you, cross the street.

P.S. I blurred his tattoos cause they’re obscene… or at least they are in his language.

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One Response to Three Eyes to the Wind

  1. danielle says:

    i LOVE this one!

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