Super 13 – MOLT

She's RED Hot!

She’s RED Hot!

When Carin drove her car into that school bus full of nuns, it really wasn’t her fault… she had an important text she absolutely had to answer!

So she wasn’t too surprised when a otherworldly being offered her a second chance at life… surely she deserved it.

But Carin didn’t exactly get her Super Model body back for this second go around.  Instead she got dumped into the first available otherworldly body on the lot… which happen to be MOLT… then she was sent back to Earth to track down and capture lost souls.

It’s really not the sorta gig she’s used to and she’s really bad at it.  But even if she’s a bit inept… she’s SUPER dangerous… and still VERY HOT!

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2 Responses to Super 13 – MOLT

  1. doodlehoose says:

    Love the colors. Does she have a support group with Spawn?

  2. Matt says:

    Spawn, Deathlok, and the character from that show Now and Again. Although that guy doesn’t have much to complain about, he went from John Goodman to Eric Close

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