K vs. L and ugh

K vs LOkay. This is one of those pieces that I include to stay humble (as if there aren’t enough of those). I really messed up the floor on this one and then the flesh tones didn’t scan properly so they look all pixelly. I used markers for most of it and colored pencil on the flesh and it just wouldn’t scan right. Ugh.

Anyway these two guys are Kingpin and Longshot, and I’m putting my money on Longshot.

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4 Responses to K vs. L and ugh

  1. Matt says:

    King Pin has always seemed odd to me. Does he have powers or are his powers simply that he’s large?

    • Robert says:

      He’s large and in charge. I think that Mafia connections count as powers. He also seems to have some sort of invulnerability.
      Marvel Universe online says Powers
      “Kingpin has no superhuman powers. However, he is as strong and durable as it is possible for a man of his height, weight, and build who engages in intensive regular exercise to be, and he is a very large man (over six and a half feet tall). His stamina is likewise honed to the virtual pinnacle of human ability. He has remarkable agility and dexterity for a man of his size”

      More on Marvel.com: http://marvel.com/universe/Kingpin#ixzz2dDqVZCGd

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