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Hoose Too


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You know what happens to a Toad when it gets hit by lightning?

Here are the bowers all together- jacks of the trade. I wanted Toad to have a “lords a leapin” kind of look and I think it came out pretty good. I’m also pleased with the stylin hair.

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What would a worm do with arms?

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Son of Coul

An Avenger by any other name is a high level Shield Agent with sentimental connections to Nick Fury.

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Summer Vacation Takes Time

Okay so I have many  characters for the cards done, but the Coulson that I am working on is not finished and I haven’t even started the Mutant of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants (BoEM?) so here’s a run on … Continue reading

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Wonder Woman Solved

Those of you who’ve been to this site before might remember HooseTwo having tackled Wonder Woman in the past… not literally of course because Wonder Woman is fictional… also because, were she real, she’d break me in half. Well the … Continue reading

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Two Uncloaked Girls

These are the ladies from my now completed story. It’s still getting its edit and it’ll probably need a bit of rework and some small touchup… but the story is out there and a few have already read it. It’s … Continue reading

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