Gill Man by Hoose

I didn't ask to be created

I didn’t ask to be created

This week’s post is inspired by Skottie Young’s style and some class monsters. Wolfman, Gill Man and Dr. Frankenstein’s Monster (he never bother to name the poor fellow, but then again when you use the parts of so many different corpses who gets the naming rights?), and the Invisible Man (can you find him).

I made these by drawing them with a sharpy then coloring them with regular crayola markers (on both sides of regular copy paper) and spritzing them with water to blend the colors. Wolfman was the only one that I had to rework after it dried because his plaid shirt blended with his fur.

Hope you like them. I plan to do more.

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3 Responses to Universal

  1. Matt says:

    These are super fun. I like the Gill Guy.

  2. Matt says:

    It was almost like I could see it. Amazing.

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