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Swing Away Kiddo

This week’s post is a little bloody, but hey it’s over the top so it’s not real. Advertisements

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Even More MASH

So, here are all the rest of the rebooted MASH characters… I wanted to sting these along for a couple more weeks, but I just couldn’t wait. These are all the people that replaced other people or joined the war … Continue reading

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Men Without Fear

Okay so Doodlehoosen spent the weekend binge watching Netflix’ Daredevil. Didn’t quite finish- four hours AHHHH so much suspense! We drew while we watched and these was them.  

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Father Francis

Here’s another one that seems like he should be career military, instead of a draftee. I see him sticking around in the service until the middle of Vietnam and then taking an early out.

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Sick Day

This week’s drawing by Doodlehoose Jr.  was inspired by his little brother. He was merciful to all of our stomachs by not coloring it. J says, “Hope you feel better soon.” Look forward to more monsters soon!

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For Queen and Country

This week I worked from a reference pic I grabbed on the interwebs. I tried to stay close to the original below except that I couldn’t resist adding a freaky tourist.

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Hot Lips

Career military, stern disciplinarian, strawberry blonde hair, and hot lips. Updated with Mayor corrected to Major.

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