Some Elektra Quote

Some Elektra Quote

So My brother and I finished watching Netflix’ Daredevil and it was good. It didn’t have Electra, but I wanted to continue my femme fatale theme so here she is.

Here’s some of my bro’s doodles while watching. They are fun.

IMG_20150510_0001  IMG_20150510_0003 IMG_20150510_0004 Spidey and Friends

and here’s a few scratches that I did before coloring. You might see more of these later.

IMG_20150510_0007 IMG_20150510_0008 IMG_20150510_0006

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4 Responses to Elektra

  1. Matt says:

    I see you went with the current comics trend and gave her pants.

  2. lorihoose says:

    She looks like trouble!

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