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Playing Their Parts in the Apocalypse

Seldon faces his first Farnsworth crisis. Advertisements

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Here’s a sketch courtesy of my Dad getting me the Black Panther Disney Infinity figurine. I don’t even have the game, I just like the sculptures.

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Two Froods Outta Time & Space

This post can also be seen at the .com of our doodlehoose

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The Original MC

This is a really quick doodle I did while researching in preparation for a field trip to see an M.C. Escher show at the Memorial Art Gallery. I dig it. Save

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Butt Kicking Leading Ladies

Molly Millions meets Turanga Leela. Side Note: I had to go surfing in cyberspace to get a description of Molly, as she appeared in the book, cause my memory of the character was colored┬áby Dina Meyer’s appearance in Johnny Mnemonic. … Continue reading

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We are Family

All my little clonies and me… Saw Logan again on Saturday with my wife and some friends so you get another week of me drawing Logan. I didn’t feel like inking so I colored the pencils which is a little … Continue reading

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How salaciously scandalous.

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