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Stage 1:  Drooleon

Drooleon is a water type PokeMATT. His drool attack coats everything in a thick layer of slime. His pencil thin legs carry him at speeds exceeding four miles per hour.

Stage 2: Runleon

Runleon has a powerful stink attack and a blazing tongue. His sullen stare can bore any opponent into submission. He runs at a top speed of twenty-six miles per hour.

Stage 3: Mouthmonchan

In this final stage of evolution, Mouthmonchan can no longer run, but his drool attack has returned and his tongue has grown even fierier. It should be noted that throughout this PokeMATT’s entire lifecycle he never once closes his mouth.

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2 Responses to PokeMATT

  1. doodlehoose says:

    Drooleon has a touch of My Little Pony in there too

  2. Matt says:

    Minus the cutie mark.

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