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Had some difficulty coming up with something new for today. Shouldn’t have used all the A-team at once. So here’s a mermaid I made a while ago. Her name is Florence. She likes water skiing, long swims by the beach … Continue reading

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A New Old Idea

Been wanting to remake the A-Team for a while. I did a version of Mr. T years ago, but here are some rough versions of the rest of the team. Amy can’t believe that she has stumbled into the story … Continue reading

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Necessary Scum

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Here’s an Arthur that’s based on the Disney Infinity Baloo figure… cause Baloo was the only one I could find that had a body type similar to Arthur.

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The Incredible Mr. Tick

I drew this version of our justice loving spoon yeller using a Disney Infinity Mr. Incredible as my model. I challenge Hoose Too to put Arthur into this commerce loving mode!

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A New One!

He’s a basketball, rocketeer, super spy, cowboy… without a nose.

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