Necessary Scum

Disney Fett

“There will be a substantial reward for the one who finds the Millennium Falcon. You are free to use any methods necessary, but I want them alive. No disintegrations.”

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5 Responses to Necessary Scum

  1. Matt says:

    Yet another victim of the prequels… so cool for so long and then, then so lame.

    • doodlehoose says:

      Actually Lucas got him in Return of the Jedi. He was already lame there.

      • Matt says:

        True… he does get bested by a blind Han and a random blaster bolt… maybe we’re all just superficial and caught up with appearances and he was never really cool to begin with… just his armor was.

  2. doodlehoose says:

    I mean his voice is pretty wimpy right off. He’s kind of like a nerd in a Lamborghini- the cool is only skin deep.

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