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Hans Hans Batman

Here’s the next entry to the Hans Hans Justice League- Batman! Didn’t have time for a villain.

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The Vegetable Suspects

Hello friends. Here’s this Monday’s Doodle rejected by Let me know if you get the joke, and if you know of a T-shirt company that might pay me for it. Thanks and enjoy.

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Samwell Tarly

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A Moderate Success?

My brother challenged me to make the rest of the Justice League in Hans Hans the Biking Viking style so I dove in. This week’s hero is Green Lantern, and it is my firm belief that Jack Black should be … Continue reading

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Ours is the Fury

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More Tyrion

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She’s a wonder Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman was a fun movie and it made me want to draw. So here’ s our latest edition of the champion of the Amazons and protector of guys. She’s a wonder Wonder Woman.

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