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A Mean Green Mother

Here’s another part of the mystery project. Getting closer.

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One of these things is not like the other…

… one of these things just doesn’t belong… but which one?

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A Seedy Character

Not at the final yet, but added another character. You’re getting a look into the process.

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Wacom x 2

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A Sneak Peek at What’s to Come

This week’s entry did not get completed on time so you get to see a sneak peek at what it may become. I hope you’re not allergic to poison ivy. It’s funny how yellow the lighting made this.

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To the SquidMobile

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Camp is Coming

I actually did this design a while ago, but I didn’t share it on Doodlehoose. However, I’ve been working the program for camp and it crowded out my drawing time today so here’s the camp logo for the year. The … Continue reading

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