Rule the Monolith- Rule the World

Now for something completely different. This week’s post includes my first from scratch design in TinkerCAD and the resulting 3D print. They were printed on two fifth generation Makerbot Replicators using Orange and Black PLA filament.

Lava Top Monolith Populated Monolith TinkerCAD Monolith

I made the tolerances a little too tight on this one (and measured wrong) so it broke when I put the black over the orange and was a little too big for the board. Also it looked like a lava space so I had to do some re-design, but it was fun to play the game with my designed piece and I already have the next iteration ready to print tomorrow.


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Playing Their Parts in the Apocalypse

But one man can make a difference, assuming he has the correct Doomsday device!

Seldon faces his first Farnsworth crisis.

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Here’s a sketch courtesy of my Dad getting me the Black Panther Disney Infinity figurine. I don’t even have the game, I just like the sculptures.Panther Infinity.jpg

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Two Froods Outta Time & Space

No ma’am, you’re drunk.

This post can also be seen at the .com of our doodlehoose

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The Original MC

This is a really quick doodle I did while researching in preparation for a field trip to see an M.C. Escher show at the Memorial Art Gallery. I dig it.

MC Escher.jpg


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Butt Kicking Leading Ladies

So, do you have to buy those lenses as a pair or can you get just one?

Molly Millions meets Turanga Leela.

Side Note: I had to go surfing in cyberspace to get a description of Molly, as she appeared in the book, cause my memory of the character was colored by Dina Meyer’s appearance in Johnny Mnemonic. I also miss remembered her lenses has being one, Geordi La Forge like, band that went over the bridge of her nose.  It seems it’s been too long since I’ve read those books.

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We are Family

All my little clonies and me…

Side by Side.jpg

Saw Logan again on Saturday with my wife and some friends so you get another week of me drawing Logan. I didn’t feel like inking so I colored the pencils which is a little messy, but I think it suits the combat situation. I took an hour or so trying to digitally paint the Canadian wilderness and wasn’t crazy about the results so I sort of faded it out. Overall I like the end product, but feel like it could be better.

Also Logan is a pretty good movie if you can handle a lot of violence and sadness.

Okay so I inked it. Cleaned it up and tried again. I still don’t think it’s right.

Side by Side Cleaned Up 2

And this. Which one do you like best?

Side by Side Cleaned Up 3.jpg

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