Lost and Found

Apparently my great great great great grandpa Hoose was a cryptozooligist obsessed with one very particular cryptid. I found his notebook and thought I would share some of the pages.


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Raggedy Edges

Raggedy Edges

I’m teaching a unit on Acrylic Painting in one of my classes at school. I had to trim the paper down and had some strips left over. I thought it would be a waste to toss them so I wove them together and then realized it was naturally a grid. Since I’m also teaching them about Chuck Close and grids I made a black and white self-portrait. I didn’t realize that I would come out looking like one of the night’s watch so hey, “Winter is coming- look busy.”

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Turns out…

the fur ball is The Last Jedi.

Now with multiple ways to remove an arm.

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Elizabeth Bennet Modern Swordswoman

Because obviously we need more of this.Modern Lizzy Zombie Killer

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Construction Paper Monsters

The whole gang


Cat-Thing and Lady

BatMonster and Space Ghost

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Had some difficulty coming up with something new for today. Shouldn’t have used all the A-team at once. So here’s a mermaid I made a while ago. Her name is Florence. She likes water skiing, long swims by the beach and men who can hold their breath for a long time. Sorry for the lack of background.

Mer Girl

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He’s sort of having a rough day.

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