Marker Randomness

This Monday’s installment of Doodlehoose brings you the meanderings of markers. Just a bunch of stuff that came to mind and went to pen and marker.


Hands in the Air Nonphibeous Scum!


Troop 6


Why the long face?

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Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

So I googled the word, “hairstyles” and used the images to randomly draw. After doing that I felt weird about provenance so I’ve included the photos with the drawings. However, I don’t know who’s images they are. Count these as a drawing exercises not original artwork.



Hair so much Hair.jpg


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Random doodles and an old monster

This week is a bunch of random doodles I did, plus a monster from the cover of an old comic that I found in a reference book about old comics.

I think I just stepped in gum… and these are brand new feet.

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Some Random Sketches from Swim Practice

Here are some sketches I did tonight during my boys swimming lessons.

Aaron swimming


A 3D printed octopus i brought to draw

Steam Octopus

Working out my thoughts about Ex Machina


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A Night at The Museum

Did this piece during a professional development at the Memorial Art Gallery. It’s a drawing based on a sculpture by the French artist Antoine Bourdelle. It’s called Young Warrior With a Sword, but I have dubbed it- Checking My Pits Before Battle.

Young Warrior With Sword

Here’s a pic of the actual sculpture in bronze. I think that guy in the back would have an easier time hitch-hiking if he put some clothes on.

Young Warrior With Sword Sculpture

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Something simple

You seem nice.

This one is a quick doodle that got a simple color.

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Rainy Crab Apple Tree

rainy crab apple

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