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Perfect Von Stomm

You’re just askin for a wedgie!   Good luck, I’m wearing a onesie. With Disney owning Marvel you had to know this would happen eventually. I drew the Punisher (thrice actually) and Buford, but I totally stole the background (hey it … Continue reading

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Daredoodle Collaboration

Today’s post is a collaboration between doodlehoose 1 and doodlehoose too and doodlehoose jr. jr. The drawing is by Doodlehoose Too, the color by Doodlehoose 1 and the hand scanned courtesy of Doodlehoose Jr. Jr.

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Batgirl Begins

Meg got me this fun figure for Valentine’s day so that the bat team won’t be sexist. Here’s the black and whites too

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Many love the stories created by Madeleine L’Engle, but only those who truly believe realized that she was a unicorn as well. You can obviously tell that the reference photo was taken by an unbeliever.

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“but for my own part, if a book is well written, I always find it too short.”

I liked Matt’s theme of literary figures and decided that we needed to add Jane Austen. I love her dialogue and grasp of character. She makes such fun and insightful characters that I don’t even mind the sappy endings. Jane … Continue reading

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Ah-well. Still worth a fortune.

Didn’t have time for a proper background on this one, but it does complete the crew. Hope you enjoyed.

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Tracing for Practice

This week I was stuck so I used a photo that I took at Comic Con last year to start a digital painting. I took the photo of a sculpture so that it’s my composition.  Then I started tracing it … Continue reading

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