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Here’s my idea… Ben is 40, Adam is 21, Hoss is 17, and Little Joe is actually little and only 9 years old. Joe doesn’t carry a weapon cause he’s to little, Hoss doesn’t carry a gun cause he’s too … Continue reading

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Agent P with Agent R

I wanted to do the whole drawing, but ran out of time. Perry was fun to draw.

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She’s a big hit

This is what happens to a fella when he hits on a super heroine before she’s finished her morning coffee.

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Easter is the celebration of life winning over death.

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This post is also available at: Stage 1: ¬†Drooleon Drooleon is a water type PokeMATT. His drool attack coats everything in a thick layer of slime. His pencil thin legs carry him at speeds exceeding four miles per hour. … Continue reading

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Sometimes your work just falls flat

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Lummox and Lobster

This post can also be seen at¬† This one was difficult because I couldn’t remember much about The Star Beast’s Lummox, other then her having a third eye that watched out for her while she slept and having hands pop … Continue reading

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